NEW Product: Cage Free Eggs from hens fed SOY-Free grains

JRS Country Acres is pleased to debut in a limited market, a new GMO-Free product.

New product available now at  Albrecht’s Sentry (Delafield), Outpost Natural Foods (Metro Milwaukee).  Coming to stores near you in fall/winter of 2017.



FAQ about the Product

Why did JRS Country Acres roll out this new product (i.e. Cage Free eggs from hens fed Soy-Free grains?)

Many people today are trying to reduce or eliminate soy protein from their diets. Research has demonstrated that hens fed soy as part of their feed, will pass along trace amounts of soy protein in the egg yolk. Some of our customers have also asked us to produce a “Soy-Free” egg.

This new product will contain NO SOY, as we have worked with our feed mill to develop a special SOY- Free feed mix, which replaces soybeans with sunflower and canola.