Meet Our Family Members

At JRS Country Acres, we get many questions about our name.  It’s actually the initials of our first names.  Judy, Randy, Sandralee.   When our egg business started to grow, we didn’t have a lot of funds to purchase laying hens nor needed chicken equipment that was required for a larger operation.  Working as a family, both generations pooled money and resources to provide working capital to get the things we needed to grow our business.  Hence, the initials, “JRS” honor all parties involved; and it exemplifies how many farms operate, with multi-generations each contributing their talents to the successful operation of the farm.   At JRS Country Acres we (Judy and Randy) have been fortunate to have our daughter Crystal and son Dakota also pitching in to help with the farm business.   In many ways our modern day farm operates just like our grandparents farms, with three generations working towards the same goal.

Each of us wear many hats throughout the day.  Here is how we’ve divided up some of the many chores associated with our farm:


Judy:  All things HR and accounting –  invoicing and receipts, egg washing and packaging, trade shows, in-store demonstrations and promotions, social media, management of egg safety compliance.


Randy:  Coordination with local family farm egg producers, on-farm site inspections, egg transportation,  equipment maintenance, initial sales contacts, researching and finding supplies.

Sandralee:   Labeling cartons and lending a hand where needed!



Dakota:   Egg washing,  packaging and trade shows.