Henhouse_pic2Cage Free Eggs – Taste the Difference!

JRS Offers Sustainable Choices for Discriminating Consumers

• Local cage free eggs produced by Wisconsin family farmers.

• Cage Free Eggs – The chickens are free to roam in the barn, engaging in natural habits such as running, perching, roosting and laying eggs in nests.

• Natural lighting in the barn allows hens to enjoy sunlight.

• Three generations of a Wisconsin family are working together to manage JRS Country Acres in a sustainable manner.  In 2013 JRS Country Acres transitioned our farm operation into a  processing operation.

• Limited local distribution of eggs to within 200 miles or less of Lake Mills, Wisconsin


New Breed of Consumer, New Values!


Eggs3Today’s consumers are knowledgeable about local food, concerned about the environment, food prices and their health. According to research conducted over the last several years at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, “nearly 90% of respondents were concerned or somewhat concerned about eating healthy.”1  While “more than two-thirds of respondents (69%) “somewhat” or “strongly” agreed that local food is better for their personal health than food from across the country.”2   Research has further demonstrated that “40% of respondents (consumers) “strongly agreed”, that retailers should buy more locally grown products as a way of dealing with rising food and fuel prices.”3

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