From 2005 – 2013 JRS Country Acres operated as an independently owned Wisconsin family farm, producing cage free, vegetarian fed brown eggs. After research, talks and discussions with other family farmers the Tholens (farm family owners of JRS Country Acres) decided that they would like to refocus their farm operation around grading, packaging and distribution for their farm business.

In March 2013, JRS Country Acres became USDA certified as an egg processing facility. By bringing the egg processing responsibilities to the family farm, the family farm operation was able to grow. In August 2013, JRS Country Acres became an FDA Registered Food Processing Facility.

Working together to support other independently owned small family farms

JRS Country Acres assists other small family farms by; (1) providing washing, grading and packaging services, (2) providing access to larger marketplace sales opportunities, and (3) by providing farm families with a living wage and fair price for their eggs.

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